Living a Life of Purpose

I love the reflection and readying that comes with each new year – reflection on the past year and readying yourself for the year to come.  I’ve spent a lot of time the past few days reflecting on all the things 2015 has taught me.  (More on that soon!)  I’ve learned more about myself than ever before.  I’ve grown more spiritually in the past few months than all of my years combined.  I’ve made new friends and let other friendships be put to rest.  I’ve walked through times of deep sorrow and times of buoyant joy.  2015 was good to me.

As I think ahead to 2016, a common theme keeps popping up: purpose.  I see a connection between the noun form of the word and the verb form of the word.  Both have been on my heart the past couple of days.  I want to live a life of purpose (n.), but to do that, I must purpose (v.) my heart and my mind and my soul and my body to do those things.

It’s no secret that I love social media.  I love connecting with people from all over, but I mostly love how my thinking is challenged.  I love how reading someone’s tweet or blog post or Facebook update can spin a whole new perspective on something I thought I already knew deep in my bones.  I love how someone’s transparent vulnerability inspires me to look a little closer at my own life and make me willing to risk sharing.  I love how common themes or ideas will surface all at the same time – flying at me like arrows straight to the marrow of who I am.  It’s at times like these that I know the Lord is speaking to my heart.

That’s where purpose comes into play.  I’ve gathered these little snippets like wildflowers because they tell the story of where my heart has been the past few days.  They speak of what the Lord is calling me to do in 2016:  Live a life of purpose with a purposed heart and mind and soul and body.


On changing your heart… 

Purposing to change happens where prayer meets perseverance.” – Ann Voskamp


On wanting more of God…

“I simply want more of him. If I want more God then I must clear the space for him. You need to make room if you want to let God in.” – Hannah Brencher


On making good choices…

“Will this choice add to my peace or steal from it?” – Lysa TerKeurst


On taking my thoughts captive…

“Taking every thought captive is surrendering every thought that wards against your peace.” – Brian Johnson


On focusing my attention…

“Wherever we focus our attention the most will become the driving force in our lives.  We steer where we stare. – Lysa TerKeurst


These are the pieces God is already weaving into the story of my heart for 2016.  I’m purposing my heart and mind and soul and body to live a life of purpose this year.  I’m excited for what’s to come.

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